The STory of Baraka Station   

Baraka Station, nestled in the hills of the Gold Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia, proudly creates pure, Australian leaf and stem products for pet herbivores.  The property has been run organically with a permaculture twist for 12 years. We operate out of our hand-crafted strawbale barn that feels like a wine cellar inside, keeping our products in perfect condition. We have an ever increasing diversity of food plants, herbs and fruit trees, including over 30 different herbivore friendly varieties of trees, herbs, grasses and flowers.    


Our sustainable business priorities, mean we make packaging choices intended to tread as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet.  Better than recyclable, we prefer reusable and fully compostable packaging.  Once you tear off the metal strip at the top, our little brown product bags are 100% compostable. Their labels are 100% recycled material with earth friendly adhesive.  Throw them in the pile with your grass clippings or kitchen scrap bucket. Our Hay Sprinkles are human food grade ingredients and come in handy little spice jars that we hope you will keep and reuse.  We've sourced removable labels so you can peel them off with ease.  

We are a 100% solar powered business.